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Group Collections for your Connections

Job leavers, birthdays, new babies. You name it, we have a Pot for it. Collect money online from a group and get them a gift they'll love.

How it works


Get started by creating a free Pot for someone or something special.


Share the link with those who want to contribute.


Once the Pot closes spend it or send it directly.

Key Features

Message Wall

Leave a message in the Pot to let the recipient know how much they mean to you.


Personalise the Pot by adding your own avatar and cover photo.

Fix the amount you pay in

Perfect for parties, stag or hen dos where you need a set amount from each person.

Instantly transfer to a bank account

With almost all bank transfers taking place in seconds, you'll never have to worry that you have left too little time to get the perfect present.

Send direct to your recipient

We'll email the Pot as soon as it closes; they will be able to see all the message and spend it as they choose.
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How to spend a Pot

Gift Cards
Instant Transfers

Once your Pot closes you, or your recipient, will be sent an email with a link to redeem the Pot where you can mix and match your spend at 60+ retailers.

Instant transfer to your bank account - via Visa or Mastercard debit card* for free.

**We work with most major banks, however some exclusions apply, see FAQs for more.

We've got a Pot for every occasion

Don't just take our word for it

Don't just take our word for it

this user gave us 5 stars
Made it so easy for our running group…
Made it so easy for our running group to collect money and show our appreciation to our group leaders
GILLIAN SHAW 1 day ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Excellent service
Excellent service! Super simple and convenient for platform to raise money with lots of features. My favourite bit...
Andleeb Gul 1 day ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Great communication with Collection Pot…
Great communication with Collection Pot when there was an error with a donation. Very prompt and helpful. Resolved...
Helen Roberts 1 day ago
this user gave us 4 stars
Really easy to set-up
Really easy to set-up. Takes seconds! Liked the notification feature.
LizC 1 day ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Easy to set up and administer.
Easy to set up and administer.
nikki k 2 days ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Really easy to use, would defo use again
Really easy to use, great value for money and the funds were received almost instantly once requested. Perfect fo...
Oscar Kelly 2 days ago
this user gave us 5 stars
It was straightforward and easy to use the Collection Pot - I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to raise ...
Minna Ruohonen 2 days ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Easy to use
Easy to use, great options. Will use again for a collection
lydia pennington 2 days ago
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Safe and Secure

3D Secure
We work with leading payment providers to ensure that you contributions are secure.
GDPR Compliant
We keep your personal data safe and secure meeting all GDPR requirements.
Never Save Card Details
We work with Level 1 PCI compliant processors ensuring that your card details are safe and never saved.
Machine Learning
Our in-house systems constantly monitor Pots for unusual activity, keeping your collections secure.

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