Collection Pot launches Microsoft Teams App

The innovative Collection Pot App for Microsoft Teams provides users a free, quick and easy way to set up their own Collection Pot, enabling people to come together to collect funds for any occasion, event, project or fund-raising activity.

Teams is the fastest growing app from Microsoft, with over 75 million active daily users globally, combining collaboration, workplace chat, video meetings, file storage and application integration.

Offering a personalised, engaging, and fun way of collecting funds, Collection Pot has firmly established its position as an innovative group collecting platform in the workplace.
Commercial Director, Adam Stevens explained: ‘It is not often that you get to announce a genuine first and I am very proud of the unique and innovative Collection Pot app for Microsoft Teams which will make group collecting in the workplace easier and engaging.’

He added: ‘With colleagues being increasingly remotely based, the App enables everyone to come together to celebrate a wide variety of occasions, which remain beneficial for employee morale and company culture.’
The Collection Pot Teams App is now available to download in the UK.