Collection Pot to waive Gift Aid processing fees  

Collection Pot has integrated Gift Aid processing, offering thousands of UK registered charities, the opportunity to further benefit from collections set up on the site.

Collection Pot want to ensure that for every charitable donation, as much money as possible will go to the charity.

Our pledge:

*This means if you want your charity of choice to receive 100% of your donation, our smart calculator will tell you exactly how to do that.

Adam Stevens, Commercial Director comments: “Everyone who donates wants the charity they are championing to get as much benefit as possible. That’s why we are ensuring that when you collect using Collection Pot there are no charges to process Gift Aid donations for the charity, and we have also added a way for donations to be topped up to cover our necessary processing fee. This means however much you donate; you will know exactly what sum is being sent to charity.”

For individuals or groups wishing to raise funds for a charitable cause, there is also no fee to set up a fundraising pot.

We’ve already seen a number of ‘community’ focused collections being set up such as those to save their local pub, adopt an animal or keep a community centre running, but with the new ability to process Gift Aid we can now extend our reach to thousands of charities and we really hope to see a surge in donations when people understand how every penny matters to charities they want to support.”

To set up a pot for any registered charity, invite friends and share messages of support, simply click here