How to Ask for Money for a Wedding Gift?

Whether you’re a soon to be a married couple, you’ve just been invited to a wedding celebration and are struggling to pay for the gift or if you want to get together with other invitees to buy that big, stand-out present, here we show you how to ask for money for a wedding gift online.

First, it’s becoming increasingly common for the couple to ask for monetary donations rather than specific gifts when they organise their wedding. This cash can be used for different purposes – perhaps setting up a new home, putting something towards a mortgage or deposit or even for the honeymoon. Some brides even fundraise for that all-important wedding dress.

What is Collection Pot?

The best way to ask for money for a wedding gift is to do it online. A website like Collection Pot is ideal because it’s focused on bringing groups of people together across friends, family, and work colleagues, allowing them to access a secure money pot. 

The platform allows users to share the Pot with others that they might not have in person. For example, you might have workmates who aren’t going to the wedding but want to contribute a little bit here or there. Or maybe you’ve decided against people buying presents but want to contribute to a charity that’s close to the heart of you and your spouse. 

3 Benefits of asking for money for wedding gifts this way

There are lots of different ways to organise your wedding gifting. The most common is to create a list with a reputable retailer and tick them off as people buy. This can often put some friends, family members and colleagues at a disadvantage. It can also be a little limiting. However, with Collection Pot, things are a little different.

  1. Collection Pot allows you to spread the love and build a fund for your wedding gifts, allowing each person to donate as much or as little as they can afford. 
  1. It saves arguing over who gave what gift and gives you the chance to put your Pot of money towards something bigger. Perhaps you want to do up your house or you’re just inches away from affording that home deposit. 
  1. It’s also highly secure. It takes users just a few moments to get from a link in a text or email to your dedicated page so they can donate. 

What can you use it for?

You can use Collection Pot for a wide variety of gifting or collecting money for charity. Weddings (and honeymoons) are just the tip of the iceberg. You can use the site to collect for someone’s leaving do, a local community or charity, even something like a funeral. 

Setting up a Collection Pot for your wedding

Asking for money for your wedding gift through Collection Pot is easy to set up. All you need to do is sign on, tell contributors what you are collecting for, add a few images, words to welcome and that’s it! It’s ready to go live. 

Once you’re up and running, you can send the link for your page to your friends, family, and colleagues so they can add money to the collection. 

It really is that easy!

How to spend your Collection Pot?

Once the Pot finally closes you can choose to spend it! You may choose to withdraw it to your debit card or take advantage of Collection Pot’s catalogue of gift cards that range from travel companies, such as Jet2holidays, and retail outlets to restaurants and bars. 

Collection Pot

Collection Pot is the personalised, simple & fun way to collect money online for any occasion.

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