How to Collect Money Online for a Gift

Sometimes special occasions call for group money collection, but what are these occasions, and how can you collect money online for a gift?

You have a special occasion coming up, maybe you are celebrating something with a group of people, what’s next? Someone at work is having a baby, and as a team, you and your colleagues want to get a surprise gift but going around the office secretively is sometimes impossible.

So, what is the best possible solution to this when wanting to collect money for someone, or collect as a group?

Online money collection

Remove the hassle with updates and reminders!

A new and advanced way to collect money online is through online collection platforms. This cuts out any inconvenience of individually asking and reminding people for payments and allows people to contribute to a money collection with the ease of their computers, tablets or phones. It has never been easier to organise a money pot for whatever the special occasion may be!

What sort of occasions can I use Collection Pot for?

Any occasion, Collection Pot is there.

Whatever the reason or occasion Collection Pot offers the perfect solution for group collecting. When setting up a collection simply select the appropriate occasion, or create your own. Don’t forget our redemption catalogue offers a huge range of retailers to spend the collection with, including Marks & Spencer, John LewisJoJo Mama Bebe, so whether you’ve collected for a birthday, leaving gift, or new arrival there is certain to be a retailer or two that will be suitable.

Create your own Collection Pot

As we know it is sometimes hard to say goodbye, however, collecting for a gift to let a colleague know that they will be missed using Collection Pot is extremely easy and straightforward.

No ‘secret’ brown envelopes being passed around, instead the opportunity to create a personalised collection, where you can add a special message of best wishes and your recipient will receive a personalised email with a link to their farewell Pot. You can donate as much or as little as you’d like, and when the collection closes, your colleague can spend their collection with ease!

Thank you gift

The perfect present

It is important to show your appreciation by saying thank you in a special way. There is no cash hassle when you use Collection Pot, simply share the link with your friends or colleagues, they can add their donation and take time to compose a special message

How about thanking an incredible teacher for their hard work. Getting parents together – virtually of course – and raise money for that special teacher so they can then select their gift of choice.

Wedding & Honeymoon Pot

Saving for the special day?

Perhaps you are looking to collect funds for a wedding, instead of receiving physical gifts from guests. Create and share your Collection Pot so friends and family can help fund your dream wedding or the perfect honeymoon getaway.

Birthday collection

The party Pot

It could be your best friend’s special day or a birthday in the workplace. Either way, collecting together online makes life so much easier. The lucky recipient can simply request their Collection Pot money is credited to their card, or they can spend their Pot over 60+ gift cards available in the Collection Pot catalogue.

The simple way to collect money online: Collection Pot

Collecting money online has become a major part of the forever growing digital world. Group collecting is now easier than ever so try out Collection Pot today and create your collection!

Collection Pot

Collection Pot is the personalised, simple & fun way to collect money online for any occasion.

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