Fundraising Ideas for Sports Clubs and Teams

Are you the chair or a member at a local sports club who is looking for ways to raise crucial funds? Sports fundraising ideas might seem in short supply when you need some investment fast. Perhaps you need pitch repairs, a new court, better lighting or to support your sport in some way but you can’t identify the quickest and best ways to raise funds. After all, reaching out to other members can only get you so far, and the money raised may not stretch to fund serious investments or improvements. 

That’s why we wanted to share some of the best Sports Fundraising Ideas that you can start using today to gain exposure and funds for whatever your club needs to thrive. 

Sports Fundraising Ideas to Consider

1. The Good Sport

Remember the early days of being a good sport, and the popular games from the playground, such as rounders, conkers, four square, kickball, dodge ball, long-rope skipping, capture the flag, and freeze tag? What about the games and sports you continue to enjoy now? 

Why not host a fundraiser for the whole family to attend? You can teach the next generation the fun you used to have and experience the games they now play while earning some money for your sports club or team? Hire a coffee truck and sell packed lunches for some extra cash flow.

2. Giant Sports and Games Tourney

Transform any of your favourite sports, such as football, volleyball, rugby, etc., into giant play with an awkwardly oversized ball. Or try playing sports while wrapped up in an inflatable bubble.

Alternatively, or combined with some sport choices, purchase, hire, or make some giant yard games, e.g. foosball, Jenga, and Twister. If you choose Battleship, for instance, you can have the players blindly throw an inflatable ball (‘torpedo’) over the divider at the players laying down to sink their ships. Is it a ‘hit’ or ‘miss’? 

The fun will organically unfold when you play a few of these select games in an all-out, competitive tournament. Throw in a hired food truck or two and you’ve got a weekend-worthy event.

3. Team-Building Day

Host a day camp of team-building exercises to fundraise for your sports club or school sports team. Go to an adventure obstacle course or high ropes course for a team challenge, or organise your own obstacle course or playing field.

Whether yours is a youth or adult club, the importance of teamwork is an invaluable life skill for the practical and theoretical everyday and the CV. Honing your teamwork skills in new and varied ways will help you on and off the field.  Plus, it’s fun to do a trust fall and problem-solve through team activities.

4. Tailgate Party

Throw a tailgate party before your club match with party food, such as barbecued meat, like hot wings, and pair it with potato salad, roasted corn on the cob, hoagie sandwiches, and potato chips. Add a variety of beverages to wash it all down and don’t forget to sell tickets to it. Tailgate parties are always a bit of fun for sports fans, so make the most of it.

5. Team Sponsorships

And when you need to fundraise without organising an event, use the ‘sponsor an athlete’ method. People identify more with an individual than an entire team. The individual’s face is easily remembered versus an entire team of faces, and personal connections can be made. The funds can all still go into the team Collection Pot and you can establish a ‘give a little page’ for each athlete.

Which of these Sports Fundraising Ideas are you keen to try first? Don’t forget to set up a Collection Pot to collect and safely store the money for your next fundraiser!

Collection Pot

Collection Pot is the personalised, simple & fun way to collect money online for any occasion.

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