Top Teacher Gift Ideas In 2022

teacher helping student along with teacher gift ideas title

If your child is saying goodbye to their special teacher at the end of term, what is the perfect way to show your appreciation for all their hard work? Below are some top teacher gift ideas that work for any budget.

Personalised Stationery

Practical gifts can never really fail. Teachers we have spoken to say that they always enjoy receiving nice stationery, but more importantly, it is practical for their next term of teaching. Examples include personalised notebooks, pens, pencil cases.

Bottle of Wine

Simple yet effective. Why not help your teacher unwind from the long term by treating them to a nice bottle of red or white, or a bottle of their favourite tipple. Maybe even add in a box of chocolates to complete the surprise.

Personalised Tote Bag

A personalised tote bag would perfect for carrying around school papers, notebooks, food and drink. There are plenty of personalised options on websites such as Etsy.

Jar Of Notes

Sometimes gifts don’t have to be purchased. An idea used by many is to have the students write heartwarming goodbye notes which are collected and placed into a jar for safe keeping. Something they can hold onto forever.

Surprise Lunch Delivery

Perhaps they are a real foodie and what better way than to treat them to a surprise lunch. Pizza is always a fan favorite and easy to order!

Tickets To A Show

This could be in the form of treating them to tickets to see their favorite music artist. Maybe they are a true theatre fan and seeing show such as Hamilton in London is their ultimate dream!

Games Or Gaming Console

Not a traditional gift but definitely a great idea. You may have a tech savvy teacher who loves gaming. You could always bundle some money together from other parents and treat them to a latest generation console.

Charity Donations

School teachers often feel guilty about receiving gifts and instead would love monetary donations to go to a good cause. Why not use Collection Pot to collect charitable donations that are sent directly to the charity to save you any hassle.

Soap Gifts

It’s not hard to find some great smelling soaps that are realtively low cost if you have not go a large budget. Lush always seem to have some great gifting options in their stores!

Something Personal

Appreciating the little things in life. Many have said that the perfect school teacher gift is a handwritten card by the children. This great gift will definitely start the waterworks…in a good way!

Gift Card

If you are really struggling for ideas, then why not let them treat themselves? Teachers often love being able to select their own gifts through the likes of gift cards. Collection Pot allows you to collect contributions and leave messages for a teacher. The recipient can then spend their collection via our great selection of gift cards to treat themselves how they wish.

Collect Money For Teacher Gifts With Collection Pot

However you choose to treat your teacher, don’t forget you can collect gift contributions with Collection Pot to make collecting money fast and simple. Send your Pot link to gather personal messages and contributions online.

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